Real Estate Drone Aerial Videography

Drone videography is capable of taking aerial videos and photos of different angles and can showcase creative close-ups and positions of the home for a variety of details for potential buyers. Aerial videography services also offers benefits for creating appraisal reports.

Luxury Homes & Surroundings for Real Estate Market

A second example of drone videography footage for the real estate market. Showcasing aerial views of luxury homes with surroundings along Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, Fl.

Subdivision & Surroundings Video for Real Estate

Aerial views of a subdivision with surrounding area footage. An overall view of a neighborhood can play a crucial part in the real estate market and drones are capable of providing aerial footage from all perspectives.

Creative effects can be added to make your video stand out and the possibilities are endless!

Real Estate Roof/Chimney Inspection Drone Video

Drone videography of a new installed roof.  See different angles and up-close footage for inspections and other related reports. Background music can be added per client's request.


Drones are also capable of capturing birds-eye views of improvements and restoration, as well as natural events, where a camera is unable to go.

Commercial Construction

Drones have the ability to capture aerial videography of all stages of construction for better inspection reports and permits.

Tampa Tourism Drone Video

Drone aerial videography has become the leading edge in many areas, such as real estate, inspections, appraisals, marketing, and now even tourism and live events which can be posted on a county's website page for attracting visitors.

With KT Aerial Visuals, our drone services can be altered to fit the client's needs in order to meet or exceed customer satisfaction.

Oldsmar Tourism Drone Video

A second example of a tourism video showcasing lakes and trails for nature attractions. 

Dade City Little Everglades Events Tourism Video

An actual video produced for Little Everglades Events featuring a variety of views of the ranch followed by the lights fest event during twilight hours. Drones can promote your events from all different perspectives. 

Events Video for Marketing

Drones can help to promote grand opening events. This video was taken one week prior to the grand opening which can peak a visitor's interest to attend events.


With drone services, videography can be edited and utilized for marketing. Add a special touch of drone aerial videography views to help promote your business or establishment.